Tuesday – 040417

Shannon S doing some patriotic thrusters during the 8:30 a.m.

Injury Prevention
Complete for quality:
40 “W’s” with a band
40 banded lateral steps
30 strict toes-to-bar

After completing, hold a “pigeon” pose on each leg for 3 minutes.

40 steps to the left, 40 steps to the right.  If strict toes-to-bar are easy for you, then hold a med ball.

Workout of the Day
In 15 minutes,
Run 1 mile
In remaining time, perform AMRAP of
20 deadlifts (155/108)
50 double-unders

I would like you to have at least seven minutes on the AMRAP. If that means we have to cut your run short, then we will cut your run short.

Post your results to the Whiteboard.

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