Thursday – 120816


Say hello to Craig B, another new one who comes in the morning!

EMOM for 20 minutes:
In the 1st minute, perform 15 GHD sit-ups as fast as possible.
In the 2nd minute, perform 6 straight arm kipping pull downs (just like last week)
In the 3rd minute, perform 8 burpees into 40 double-unders AFAP.
In the 4th minute, rest.

If you cannot do double-unders, take the minute to practice or go for a smaller amount.  Should be consistently unbroken.

Workout of the Day
12 minute ladder:
4 muscle-ups
1 thrusters (115/83)
4 muscle-ups
2 thrusters
4 muscle-ups
3 thrusters. . .

If you cannot do muscle-ups, you will do 5 ring pull-ups every time instead.  If you can do muscle-ups but struggle to string 4 in a row, cut the number down.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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