Thursday – 120111

“Game Time”


– Group Warm-Up –


– Kettlebell Swing Breathing Ladder –


– Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1 –



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  • 1st breathing ladder, pretty fun, reinforced what I learned a while back, you can catch your breath on KBS is you focus on your breathing during the exercise

    FS:  135, 155, 185, 220, 255, 275, 285/f – came off the bottom good with the 285, got stuck at the hip drive, another inch and I would have stood up – my goal is 300 by my birthday

    • forgot to mention, 250 was my previous FS PR done April 2011, so 255 was a PR and 275 was a big PR

  • Anonymous

    185/1 front squat.
    I was laboring pretty hard by the end of the breathing ladder. It’s a lot of kb swings to do in a short period of time. Good breathing exercise though.

  • Michaela

    FS: 73/1, 83/1, 103/1-PR, 108/f, 108/f

    • Awesome job, Michaela!!! See!!! I told you you’d get a great PR!!! <3

  • Kettlebell WOD was fun.
    FS: 135/5, 185/3, 225/2, 245/1, 255/1, 265/ff… short of PR. Didn’t feel strong today.

    On positive note, double unders are starting to come around. After every WOD, gonna do 100 for time.

    Fun day, between the stress if FINALS!

  • FS: 103/1 123/1 133/1 143/1 163/1 173/f

    Watching the pre-warm-up dancing was quite entertaining this evening. Michaela + Britt + Bobby’s dance moves = a good time! =D

    • damn, I missed that, I saw Michaela and Britt getting down b/w sets but I missed Bobby

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