Thursday – 112411



 We Are Thankful to Have Each & Every One of You As Part of Our Community. We Hope That You All Have a Wonderful & Safe Thanksgiving. See You ALL Tomorrow!



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  • 28:02 w/ABMAT

  • 28:02 w/ABMAT

  • Day got away from me, so will do the WoD tomorrow morning…that being said, pretty f-in pumped about my strength lifts today

    OHS:  160/5, 175/3, 200/1 PR!!!!! (finally broke into the 200’s with my OHS, anyone that knows me will know why I am so excited about this

    Close Grip Bench:  225/5, 250/3, 260/1 – my close grip is slowly approaching my regular grip bench

    • did the WoD early Friday morning

      Warm Up:  shopping at 5:30am in Target, dodging dummies for time

      WoD: 20:52 Rx, the second set of DU’s took me 3 min, and man were my quads on fire during the second set of OH Lunges

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