Thursday – 111011

Are You One of These Types?


Group Warm-Up


Muscle Snatch 2-2-2

(From The Floor)


For Time:

Row 300m

20x Push Press (135#/93#)

Row 300m

15x Push Press

Row 300m

10x Push Press

Row 300m

5x Push Press



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  • Scawty

    Warm Up:  PP – 95/5, 115/3, 135/1, 155/1, 165/1, 175/1, 185/1, trying to get my back loose

    Muscle Snatch /2 – 65/2, 95/2, 115/2, 135/2, 145/2, 155/f, 155/2 (this proves Britt’s comment to me a few weeks ago, I have strength but lack speed and power b/c my max snatch is 160)

    WoD – 11:45, pretty rough, my back was tight still from the DL/Box Jump party Tuesday

  • Jaysalamone

    18:20 @135. Ran around 300m since no rower: Don’t think I warmed up enough the first round took forever – my shoulder was hurting but as it loosened up got much easier. Also ran somewhere around 300  

  • Michaela

    Muscle Snatch: 58/2
    WoD:11:01 -58#

  • WoD: 11:11 Rx

    Still working on coming back nice and slowly. This was a bad one to do that on haha.

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