Thursday – 100611

 Don’t Forget, This Friday Night: Every Second Counts


Every Second Counts Poster

 After The 6PM Class We Will Be Grilling & Chilling



Max Height Box Jump


Muscle-Up Practice


AMRAP in 12 Minutes:

10 Box Jumps (24/20)/3 Muscle-Ups


Shauna & Dustin

Shauna & Dustin Doing "FRAN"



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  • Rob O

    Max height box jump: 43″
    First time trying that. It was fun! And a bit scary.

    WoD: 2+11 Rx
    I actually feel pretty good about getting 7 MUs in a workout.

  • Scott Mac

    45.5″ on box jump PR, did 44″ June 2010

    Wod : 9+11 Rx (set rings above my hands with arms extended, had to jump into them)

    Did box jumps with no pause on the bottom for the first time. It’s a big deal because my left ankle has been frozen for years and I finally pushed through the pain. My ankle was real sore afterward but I think the scar tissue finally broke down some – or I micro fractured it 🙂

  • Dustin Vaughan

    42.5″ on the box jump, (no previous PR to compare)

    8 rnds Rx on the WOD. . .need to work on my hand turnouts on the MU’s. Towards the last few rounds I started getting the hang of them.

  • Yvie

    Box Jump: 27″ – legs would not permit me to attempt after that … they had the scaredy-cat-weakness in them…

    WoD: 3+11
    (9 pull-ups & 9 band ring-dips for the MU sub)

    I will admit that doing the max height box jump prior to the WoD made the 20″ box jump feel a whole lot easier. I like what happened there!

  • Julian

    Max Box Jump: 44″ first time ever doing a max box jump
    WOD: 1+11 Rx my dips are super weak

  • 7+11 Rx w/ jump to rings

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