Thursday – 070512

Games Start Next Weekend – Here’s the 2010 Dirty South Regionals in Preparation



Practice Rope Climbs


Workout of the Day

For Time:

40x Kettlebell Swings (55#/35#)


15x Rounds of Cindy

(5x Pullups/10x Pushups/15x Squats)

40x Kettlebell Swings



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  • when i saw today’s wod this morning i thought “crap … i may just find myself not making it in…”

    By the end of my work day, I couldn’t wait to get to the gym to do this – i knew i wouldn’t finish before the time cap, but i was pretty eager to see how far I would get … I can’t say that I’m disappointed after today’s workout and warmup. =)

    WoD: 11 + 20 Rx

    • Michaela

      You mean you thought “Oh.. I might want to overfill my car with gas again”. I hear that’s a good one 😉

  • Michaela

    Well let’s see…

    SAW- practiced no-leg rope climbs (did better than I expected but I still didnt get very far lol)

    WoD: 28:00…
    2min plank hold instead of KBS
    50ft farmers carry using 30# dumbells (w/ cannonball grips) instead of squats

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