Thursday – 042717

Veronica is putting in the work!

Back Squat
Find your 5 rep max.
Take 5 minutes to mobilize your squat! You guys know my favorite, the laterally distracted hip stretch to clear any impingement you might have in the front of the hip!

Workout of the Day
E2MOM (Every 2nd Minute On the Minute) for 20 minutes:
In the first 40 seconds of the minute, perform one legless rope climb (NO JUMP, START WITH FLAT FEET!) then perform AMRAP of burpees in the remainder of the 40 second window.

Rest the remaining 80 seconds until the next round. Your score is total burpees completed.  If you can’t do legless, scale to a normal rope climb instead.  If you can’t climb the rope, do 4 strict rope pulls instead.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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