Thursday – 042017

Can’t get your elbows up in a front rack position? Remember, it’s not your wrists! Wrist pain is a symptom of lack of mobility in your elbows and/or shoulders. Give this mobilization a try if you feel like your ability to get your elbows up is restricted by tension in your shoulders.

EMOM for 20 minutes:
In the 1st minute, perform 6 good mornings, you choose weight.
In the 2nd minute, perform 8 banded kickouts (each leg, try and pause in the out position)
In the 3rd minute, perform 8 unbroken muscle-ups.
In the 4th minute, rest

Go heavy enough on the good mornings your hamstrings will be sore on Friday.  That 3rd minute should be some form of muscle-up practice for you.  Whether that means you practice stringing them together because you just got them, or practicing strict because you can kip all day, that decision is up to you.  As a gym, we are going to start practicing strict muscle-ups more often so today would be a good day to begin.  If you cannot do muscle-ups, you will do kipping straight arm pull downs to build that lat strength I’ve been emphasizing quite a bit over the last month or so.  If you can’t do those in the rings, you will scale to a pull-up bar OR putting a PVC pipe in a band and doing them that way.  No score for this EMOM.

Workout of the Day
Death by. . .squat snatch (115/83)

This needs to be a LIGHT snatch weight for you.  You need to be touch and go unbroken through probably at least 7-8 rounds to get the right stimulus out of this.  The weight should not feel heavy, this workout should be more metabolically demanding than anything.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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