Thursday – 030812

12.3 Standards

Courtesy of CrossFit HQ

Over the last few weeks we’ve added a lot of new faces to eXalted. We’d like our current members to do their best to make these newer members feel right at home. Everyone wants to feel like they’re apart of something and we want everyone to feel that way as well. Also for you newer members, please make sure you are using the sign-in kiosk located beside the refrigerator to sign yourself into the class so that we can track class sizes.
Workout of the Day

AMRAP in 18 Minutes:

15 Box Jumps (24#/20#)

12 Push Press (115#/75#)

9 Toes-to-Bar



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  • Michaela

    12.3 WoD: 5 + 24 (204 reps)

    I have to say this was an awesome workout. Those presses/jerks got heavy quick!  My goal going into it was 6 rounds.  Depending on how Daren, GPS, and Jonathan do I may be re-doing it for bragging rights… LOL 

  • 12.3 WoD: 5 + 27 (207 reps) 

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