Thursday – 030316


We are really glad to have Meghan back!

Open workout 16.2 is upon us.  Just like last week, the release will be tonight at 8 o’clock.  Remember this means Friday’s workout is completely up in the air.  Also, there will be no Friday night lights this week.  INSTEAD eXalted will be hosting the Open workout with athletes from 4 other gyms in Orlando.  This is happening Saturday at 9:30 a.m.  Saturday’s normal workout is cancelled and if you are signed up for the Open, please plan on doing it either Friday during class time or preferably with all the other athletes on Saturday.  It should be a fun day and I invite every one to come out, support the community, and watch every one push hard through 16.2!

The first part of the class will be dedicated to skill work just like last week. OR you can makeup a workout you missed. Time to get that first rope climb, learn to string those toes-to-bars together, or finally find that power position on a snatch.

Front Squat
Find your 3 rep max.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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