Thursday – 022714



We will go over Crossover Symmetry and IronScap protocols. These are incredibly useful tools in rotator cuff and scapular strengthening, proven to greatly enhance shoulder health and performance.

It is the day before Open Workout 14.1, if you are registered do not just “rest” you will need to use today to “recover”. This means mobility, massage, foam rolling, yoga, voodoo flossing and anything else that might promote recovery.

Weakness Training
If you are NOT registered for the Open you will do your weakness training like we normally do on Wednesdays.

2 Rounds for Quality
10 Strict Toes to Bar
20 Pistols
30 Handstand Shoulder Touches
If you cannot do these things, practice! Do not try to do this workout if you cannot do it Rx. Work on core strength like holding an L-sit, do pistols to a box (do not hold on to anything, this will improve your balance and do not “plop” onto the box), practice kicking up to the wall for handstands.

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