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Cheyenne pushing the sled on a weakness Wednesday. Don’t forget, Wednesday can be a day when you play around with some of the stuff in the gym we don’t get to use all that often like the sleds, farmer’s carry handles, axle bar, cannon balls, etc. . .

“A CrossFit Coach should be a PROFESSION. Not a hobby. Not something you off-handedly decide to do after a year of group classes. Sure, get your Level 1, expand your education, learn everything you can – teach some classes and gain experience. But PLEASE! don’t open up a gym! Give it at LEAST 4 years of ongoing education, experience and reflection before you even entertain the idea.”

2 Trends that will kill CrossFit by Nathan Holiday

Find your 1 rep max.
This will be a 3 position snatch. We still start with high hang, then hang, then finish coming from the floor. So start high, work your way down. You have 20 minutes.

Workout of the Day
Courtesy of THE Michael Honey:
AMRAP in 10 minutes:
3 Power snatches (135/93)
6 Chest to bar pull-ups
9 Wallballs

Got to be fast, this is very “open like.” Some people have been saying our workouts lately haven’t been long enough.  If you are someone who feels as such, then you are someone who needs to go faster!  Remember what it felt like to push the sled for only 3 minutes. . .or to ride the Airdyne all out?

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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