Monday – 121613


  • Daniel, a.k.a. Big D (second from the left) is officially a Level I CrossFit coach.  After taking his Level I last weekend and passing the test, he is a CrossFit coach at eXalted and no longer just a trainer.  This makes CFeX one of the most educated CrossFit gyms in Central Florida with 3 coaches who have degrees of higher education in Exercise Science/Strength and Conditioning.  Two of which are master’s degrees, Big D, and the other head coach, Will Blackburn.  This is one of many things that makes us eXalted, and not just another CrossFit gym.
  • For more information on the coaches at CrossFit eXalted, check out our staff page.
  • Starting tomorrow, we will try having a 7 a.m. class.  Aaron has mentioned to us that several of you have been asking about it.  We are more than willing to have one, but please make sure you come to it.  We will try it out for about a month and if not enough people come to it, will cancel it.  Check the schedule on the website for a complete list of classes, of which there are now plenty to choose from! 

Find your 10 rep max.
You have 30 minutes. This of course has to be unbroken, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rest with the bar in the rack position, I encourage that. Take plenty of rest in between sets, really challenge yourself on this.

Workout of the Day
Death by 10 meters.

Run 10 meters the first minute,
Run 20 meters the second minute,
Run 30 meters the third minute. . .

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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