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A GIGANTIC thank you to every one who came out to the Christmas party on Friday.  The turnout surpassed what we expected and it was by far the best party we have ever had.  All the credit has to go to my parents and my beautiful, kind, and wonderful girlfriend, Lauren Adair.  Without either of those two, this party would not have been nearly what it was.  There will be plenty of more pictures posted and it got me really excited for what’s to come with future events.  This community amazes me more and more every day.  You guys really are the best and I hope you are as proud to be a part of it as I am to be your leader.

400 meter run, then 3 rounds NOT for time:
12 Protract/retract push-ups
10 Hip extensions with a 2 second pause at the top (weighted if possible)
6 Goblet mobility squats

Workout of the Day
Rope climbs
Back squats (115/83)
Push press

This workout goes: 1 rope climb, 10 back squats, 10 push press, then 2 rope climbs, 20 back squats, 20 push press. . etc.  The workout ends with 5 rope climbs, 50 back squats, and 50 push presses.  If you aren’t good at climbing the rope, stick with 2 rope climbs every round for a total of 10 rope climbs.  If you can’t climb the rope, you will do 2x as many rope pulls, but make them hard.  The back squat weight and push press weight should be light.  You should have no problem keeping that bar on your back during the entire set of back squats and getting them done without putting the bar down.  This workout is capped at 20 minutes unless you have less than 20 push presses to go in your final round of 50.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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