Monday – 110711

Proud of All of Our Athletes Who Competed This Weekend at the First Annual Infidel Throwdown Hosted By CrossFit Firebase. Special Thanks to All of the CFeX Members That Came Out To Support As Well – Awesome Event!


Group Warm-Up


AMRAP 5 Minutes:

5 Muscle-Ups

5 Burpees

Rest 3 Minutes, Then,

AMRAP 5 Minutes:

5 HSPU’s

20 Double-Unders



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  • Scawtty

    6am Class
    Pre WoD: 2×3 Snatch DL’s with 225#, 2×3 Snatch Pulls with 155#

    Amrap 1:  4 rnds Rx – set the rings game style, an arm length above my head, jumped into them

    Amrap 2:  2 + 5 Rx – HSPU to yoga mat, 1st set of DU’s underbroken, then literally broke the second set at 10 (the rope broke and I had to change ropes), just realized I started my DU’s again at zero and did 20 again so 30 DU’s in round 2 – oh well, I shortened my rope and it made a huge difference on the DU’s

    Post WoD: 5×3 Back Squats (225, 225, 225, 230, 235)

  • Scawtty

    btw, outside the obvious funny points of the picture, I’ve been getting a kick out of Daren and Jay getting up on their toes, especially Jay – you may have missed your calling for ballet

  • Michaela

    AMRAP 1: 5+9 Blue band

    AMRAP 2: 4 + 1/ 2 ab mats 2x SU

    The first WoD I was strong enough to do the handstand push-ups..even if it was with 2 ab mats!

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