Monday – 101716


Kim and Lauren hiding the pain during a couch stretch.

This week we will warm-up/practice skill work today. We have several new members who need to learn how to kip, climb, and handstand push-up! Also there is a fair amount of you who can’t come on Wednesdays and miss skill days almost every time we do them. We will dedicate the first 20 minutes or so to this.

Workout of the Day
Each workout for time:

Front squats (155/108)

Rest 2 minutes,

Bar facing burpees

Track each workout separately.  Both are capped at 25 minutes total.  Scale both workouts to finish each workout in the time allowed.  Don’t try to Rx the first workout and just get capped in the 2nd.  Scale the first so you leave yourself enough time to finish the second.  You may finish the second workout if you are on the last set of pull-ups.  If you can’t do muscle-ups, you will do 15-10-5 of ring pull-ups and hand release push-ups instead.  And yes, I’m aware that means you will be doing pull-ups twice. . .it will be no different for those who are doing muscle-ups as well!

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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