Monday – 090312

Happy Labor Day! eXactly one year ago today CrossFit eXalted officially opened its doors. We anticipated that if we maintained our integrity and did things the way we wanted to that we’d be a success. A year later we feel that we have, without a doubt, surpassed mere success in this short time. Not only success with the training of our members but success with building a quality community as well. We have a very strong and diverse membership base with each and every member bringing their own something special to the community. The satisfaction of seeing members reaching goals on a daily basis validates us as coaches and allows us to feel that our efforts day in and day out have paid off. Today we thank each of you for making the last year of coming to work fun and rewarding. Here’s to another great year of training and community building!
Workout of the Day
Three Rounds for Time:
800m Run
50x Back Extensions
50x Situps


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  • Congratulations on such an amazing first year!! You should be so proud of yourselves for following your dreams and being successful doing what you love. Your hard work and dedication to our gym and it’s members does not go unnoticed by any means. This is just the first of many more succsessful years to come. I am so proud to be a member at eXalted and to have you guys as coaches. I wish you all the best and looking forward to many many more years to come.

    • *tear* thanks Big Mike, we appreciate your words and your patronage.

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