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With the eXpansion came the return of rope climbs! They are a huge part of CrossFit and you can be sure if you come to eXalted you will be taught the safest, most efficient manner in which to climb.  Learning to climb the rope and getting your first climb is a huge accomplishment and shows a genuine improvement in strength and mental toughness.

Some news on Josh’s latest Olympic cycle that starts today: We are adding a third day to the cycle every week.  Now, Josh will be available for “open gym” at 5 o’clock on Fridays.  If you want, you can come in and work on something more focused with Josh and/or Daniel to improve.  Please realize this is NOT personal training time and there might be several people there.  Also, in order to get the Barbell Club off and running, we will run a discount on the normal membership for those who sign up for the Olympic class.  There are currently about 12 people signed up for the class and it is capped at 15.  We have also fielded some questions about the increase in cost.  With the new cycle comes the use of the new platforms, competition plates, and most importantly, video analysis.

5 Rounds
In 2 minutes perform 5 Front Squats + 1 Split Jerk @ 65% Front Squat (from the ground)
In 1 minute AMRAP strict CTB (a small band may be used if you can already do kipping CTB AND strict pull-ups)

You score is load used and total pull-ups.

Workout of the Day
21 Clean and jerks (135/93)
400 meter run
15 Clean and jerks
400 meter run
9 Clean and jerks
400 meter run

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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