Monday – 041612

Get it Started Back Up!

Spencer Moorman of California Strength Does ‘Grace’ at 302#



Deadlift 1-1-1

(10 Minutes of Warmup, 1rm Must Be Established Within 3 Lifts)

Workout of the Day

5 Rounds of:

400m Run

AMRAP Deadhang Pullups

(Score is Time Minus Total Pullups)


  • that is one strong dude…

    DL: 225, 275, 315, 365, 405/f, 225, 315, 385, 405/f – well, I found one lift that became significantly worse during my time off, worst 1RM DL since early 2009, time to get this one back in order

    WoD – 14:03??  21 deadhang PU’s brought me to 13:42?? (subbed rowing for running)

    they can’t all be big lift days, I know my grip is better after today

  • Michaela

    DL: 173/1 PR, 183/1 PR, 188/1 PR

    WoD: 15:25. 31 dead hang PU’s w/ red band 

  • D_Vaughan

    This was at the 12:00 class.

    DL: 435/1 my back said quit so I listened

    WOD: 10:15 Rx 34 pull ups. (10:49 before subtracting)

  • Previous DL PR was 273 DL: 263/1 (warmup) 283/1 PR  293/1  298/f

    I am very happy about this!!! I’m just 7# away from my 300# DL goal for 2012

    WoD: 15:53 … 15 pullups with the green bandI finished the 5th run at 15:38 then finished the pull-ups at 16:08.

    Not extremely happy with my run, but I’m not terribly disappointed either.

  • Freshness

    3 rep max deadlift: 365#/1 385#/2 405#/3 pr by 40#…and entered the 400 club

    Then 5 rounds for time of 400m run (row for me) and dead hang pu’s: 14:00 min even after subtracting my horrible showing of 23 pu’s

    Good day over all…happy with the pr!!

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