Monday – 040912

A Family That Benches Together…

Scott & Maddy Getting Big



Clean & Jerk


Workout of the Day

For Time:

1k Row

1600m Run



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  • my favorite picture!!!  Maddy wanted to work out with me, she did everything I did, so much fun

    C&J – I had one goal today, to defeat my two wheel nemesis, 135, 165, 190, 210, 220/failed on jerk, 225 (PR and daily goal achieved!!!), 235/f on jerk (squat clean PR) – can definitely get 235 next time, got up from the squat and had my hands wrong, the bar was completely off balance (left hand touching the smooth part of the bar with my right hand on the ring b/w the knurling) – In any event, the witch is finally dead

    WoD – 10:16?? Row 2,600 meters

  • Michaela

    C & J: 73/1, 83/1, 93/1, 103/1, 113/f, 113/1 PR

    So happy!! New squat clean PR, new jerk PR, and new C&J PR all in one day!!

    WoD: 12:53 Rx

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