Monday – 010912

The Flag We Fly

Big Thanks to Yvie, Lori, Ron (Pops) & Big Mike For Helping



5 Rounds For Time:

400m Run

30 Box Jumps (24/20)

30 Wallball Shots (20#/14#)


  • Anonymous

    Wow, the wall looks great! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Pre WoD:  BS – 225/3, 245/3, 255/3, 255/3, 265/3

    WoD:  28:58 (subbed rowing for running and subbed 75# muscle snatch for box jump)

    Read and remember the saying on top, this is the flag WE fly, eXalted is your place – love it, respect it, protect it.  Most of all, be proud of our box and all that you accomplish in it!!

  • Michaela

    31:02- 10# wall ball

    Lovin the new mural! Great job!

    • Michaela… you are so amazing!!! I <3 it!!!

  • WoD: 3 + 33 Rx… gross gross gross …  

    I never liked Kelly on 90210 … I never liked Kelly on Saved by the Bell … and I definitely don’t like this Kelly … Kelly is not a good name … 

  • Diane

    3 rounds – 10# wall ball

    Went super slow on the runs and box jumps as not to destroy my achilles tendon any further, lol. 

  • Richard

    4 rounds + 400m run (14# wall ball)

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