Monday – 010212

Here We Go…

Congratulations To Jon & Michaela On Their Engagement!


•No 6:00 AM Class Today•


Don’t Forget To Tell Your Friends About Our

&#8594 January 2012 Promotion &#8592



Running Drill Warm-Up


3 Rounds For Time:

20 Ring Dips

40 Barbell Front Squats

60 Double-Unders

800m Run



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  • Jay S

    Congratulations Jon & Michela!!

  • Jay S

    30:03 rx’ed. Psyched for some pr’s this year.

  • Mare

    34:03 blue band ring dips, 2x su.
    Congratulations Jon &Michaela!

  • Congrats to my Bestest Friends/Neighbors!

    We can’t wait to be home, and back at it!

    • Michaela

      LOL neighbor!! I’m sorry you guys missed the fun!! Hurry up home so we can celebrate with some PRs!!

  • Congrats again Jon and Michaela, we are very happy for you

    WOD – 26:10 – subbed 35lb weighted sit ups for DU’s and rowing for running – I definitely prefer running over rowing

  • Michaela

    34:54- (red band ring dips)

    Thank you everyone for all your kind words and well wishes! We truly are fortunate to have such an amazing crossfit family! I can honestly say I think I’ve met some life long friends at eXalted! 🙂

  • D. Vaughan

    WOD 31:43 Rx

    This WOD was HARD after time off and a lot of bad eating. Looking forward to dialing it all back in the new year.

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