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Front Squat 3-3-3


Death By 10M Sprints


[“Death By” means with a continuously running clock do one 10m sprint the first minute, two 10m sprints the second minute, three 10m sprints the third minute…]  


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  • Krystal

    FS 3RM: 88

    WoD: 12+11

    O-U-C-H! My legs and booty hurt! So anxious to see what “fun” tomorrow holds. 😛 Good times, good times!

    • Scott Mac

      I feel your pain Krystal!! I feared getting up and down all day

  • Scott Mac

    FS: 135/3, 165/3, 195/3, 215/3, 235/3 PR (shocked by the PR given how sore I was going in today)

    Death by 10m: 17 rounds + 15

  • Yvie

    Front Squat
    143/3 – stopped here to do the WoD

    WoD 12 + 12

    I didn’t know what my 3RM was until I came home & checked my little red book … I was only 12# shy of my 3RM … the 143# felt heavy but not like I needed to stop there. This makes me happy … I can feel myself slowly getting back to where I used to be ***YAY*** 😀 😀 😀

  • Rob O

    155#/3 FS

    16+13 death by 10M

    Scott – You just HAD to do one more round than me, didn’t you. 🙂

    • Scott Mac

      I am obviously the “owner of a lesser font”, where did you get a professional head shot done? I noticed it’s even airbrushed

      • step up your HTML kid. But seriously, you can go to your ‘Edit My Profile’ tab up at the top left under your name and handle your Bee Eye!

      • Rob O

        Ryan took that picture on Labor Day. You’re in it too, remember? I simply cropped you and the other “lesser fonts” out of it. 🙂

      • Scott – I took the liberty of uploading the most flattering of pictures for you. No need to thank me.

        • Rob O

          That shot you found of Scott is priceless! Nice work Ron.

  • Front Squat 3:

    Death By 10m: 15+11

    my quads is on FIYA!

  • Brittani

    Front Squat 183/3 2# under my PR -saving it for next time!
    death by: 14+14

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