Friday – 092614


Will meeting with some of this weekend’s Disney Fit Challenge participants going over workout and nutrition strategies.

The Disney Fit Challenge is this weekend at the Wide World of Sports!  We have more than a couple of people competing.  Rick Johnson, Frank Liljeros, and Paul Cresho are all on a masters team with Trey, Teri, and Michel competing as individuals.  This is a HUGE competition and will be a spectacle to behold for sure.  Here are the heat times if you want to go watch:

  • Trey and Teri compete at the same times each day, 11:00, 2:15, and 5:30.
  • Michel competes at 10:15, 1:30, and 4:45 both days.
  • The eXalted Elders compete at 9:55, 1:10, and 4:25 on both days.

3 rounds not for time:
200 meter run
1 minute bird dog hold
6 good mornings with barbell
6 Turkish get-ups, 3 each arm (53/35)

Workout of the Day
10 minute ladder of:
1 Deadlift (225/153)
2 Box jumps (24/20)
2 Deadlifts
4 Box jumps. . .

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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