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For those who aren’t aware, Aaron will be leaving eXalted to coach at CrossFit F3 full time starting next week.  This is by no means goodbye as Aaron will always be a part of this community.  Aaron has become a little brother to Brittani and I and we are excited to let him go to a place that needs him full time.  Aaron has grown leaps and bounds as an athlete and a coach.  We are very proud to see him take on a larger coaching role at F3.  To hang out with Aaron a little bit before then, come to 4th Street Bar and Grill in downtown Lake Mary on Sunday at 4 o’clock to hang out!  They have a wing special every Sunday and they are unbelievable!

EMOM for 16 minutes:
Every odd minute, perform an unbroken set of muscle-ups.
Every even minute, perform 4 weighted step-ups with each leg. Box is (24/20)

You pick how many muscle-ups to do. Pick a number you think will be challenging, but maintainable over the course of the EMOM. This number MAY change. If you start off too easy, increase. Scale to an unbroken set of ring dips or push-ups. The step-ups will be done explosively and with as much weight as possible. To make them safer, please use either kettlebells or dumbbells. You may use a barbell if you are seasoned. There is no score for the EMOM, just get some good training out of it.

For Time:
Thrusters (95/63)

This is FAST.  100% effort on this WOD.  Thrusters unbroken, burpees fast, no rest.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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