Friday – 063017

Jenny doing everyone’s favorite exercise to obliterate their abs, GHD sit-ups.

HOLIDAY HOURS!  Monday will be completely normal except for the evening.  There will be no 7 p.m. class just like on Fridays.  We will have no classes but will have an open gym on Tuesday with the time TBA.  Monday will most certainly be a Hero workout!

Warm-up/Injury Prevention
On your own, row a 2k, then 3 rounds for quality:
15 protract/retract push-ups on your elbows
8 reps of first rib overhead mobilization with barbell
6 Laying W’s into a press out overhead

15 reps on each leg of a lateral band distracted hip mobility

Workout of the Day
In 12 minutes, how high up the ladder can you go of
1 squat clean + 3 STO (shoulder to overhead) 185/133
1 lateral bar burpee
1 squat clean + 3 STO
2 lateral bar burpees
1 squat clean + 3 STO
3 lateral bar burpees. . .

Every set of shoulder-to-overhead must start with a squat clean.  IF you drop the bar before completing all 3 reps, you must squat clean the bar again to get it up to your shoulders.  Those 3 reps of a STO should be heavy, but unbroken.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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