Friday – 040612

What are You Really Drinking?

Sugar Content of Popular U.S. Beverages Displayed Visually



Rack Jerk (From Behind the Neck)


Workout of the Day

For Time:

100 Pullups



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  • D_Vaughan

    Back Jerk: 135/1, 155/1, 185/F, 185/1, 195/F, 195/1, 205/F, 205/1 PR (never split jerked from behind the neck before)

    WOD: 5:23 Rx

  • Rack Jerk: 83/1  123/1  143/1  163/1  173/1 178/f  178/1  

    I’ve never done from behind the neck – it was very interesting. I don’t know whether or not to consider this a PR. I 1RM split jerk (from the rack) is 168# but that wasn’t from behind the neck. Either way, I’m quite happy with that … 

    WoD: 19:01 or :02 … Made it to pull-up 100 before my left hand ripped … I can’t remember the last time my hand had a rip this big.

  • Michaela

    7:51 Rx

    Didn’t want to miss out on this one so I did it after Saturday’s WoD

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