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Starting Monday, February 23rd, we will implementing our eXalted Essentials Program.  This class is similar to the Vitality class we had announced earlier.  The Essentials class will serve two purposes:

  1. Everyone in the Essentials class will learn the skill and movements necessary to move up to our full CrossFit classes.  We have had a demand of late for a class dedicated to new CrossFitters, and this will make it easier on us, the coaches to make sure we can coach and train all of our new people at the same time rather than having everyone spread throughout the day.  It will be a separate membership and it will be up to you to decide if/when you are ready to move up to the full membership.  If not, you are more than welcome to stay in the Essentials class.
  2. The Essentials class will be an option for those interested in becoming a member of eXalted and experiencing our coaching, without having to worry about the weightlifting aspect of CrossFit.  Instead the focus will be on improving conditioning through body weight movements and very light weight training.  You will learn the weightlifting movements, but will hardly ever use anything heavier than a PVC or empty barbell unless you want to go heavier.  

If you are interested in this class or know someone who is, as of right now, it will be offered twice a day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30 in the morning and 7 p.m. at night.  Now the excuses of CrossFit is too hard or I don’t want to weight lift are no longer valid!  The class on Fridays will meet at 6 p.m.  Those times are subject to change depending on demand.  Please E-mail us for any questions including about what will or won’t be done in the class, pricing, coaching, etc. . .

Weighted Pull-up
Find your 3 rep max.
These pull-ups are to be done chest-to-bar. If you can’t do strict chest-to-bar pull-ups, lets drop the ego for today and grab a band.

Workout of the Day
For time, partition as needed for Rx, Rx+ will be no partitioning of:
5 Rope climbs
100 Goblet squats (53/35)
100 Sit-ups
100 Double-unders

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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