Friday – 011014

Lots of cool pictures from Wednesday's max height jump, we'll post them all on Facebook soon!

On Wednesday we asked our members how high can you jump without the fear of a box jump injury and if we let you take one step?  The result was some really high jumps, a great test of leaping ability, and some awesome pictures!  We’ll post them all on Facebook soon!

The sign in Kiosk is up and running again!  PLEASE remember to sign in before every class, especially those of you who are 3 times a week!

Workout of the Day
For time:
Run 1 mile
155 pound Clean and jerk, 21 reps
Run 800 meters
155 pound Clean and jerk, 21 reps
Run 1 Mile

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Post WOD Prehab/Injury prevention
Make time after the workout and on your own complete 3 rounds of:

6 Pull-up retractions (hold 2 seconds at the top)
10 Sidesteps with band loop around ankles (10 to the right, 10 to the left)
8 Barbell overhead shrugs (focus on external rotation as you shrug, show your armpit forward)
20 Walking lunge stretches (hold stretch for 6-8 seconds, then step.  10 each leg)

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