Friday – 010915

Our little athletes in training.

Our little athletes in training.

Roll out whatever hurts for 5 minutes on your own, then at 5 minutes past the hour:

Row 1000 meters, then
3 rounds not for time:
Inch worm push-up the distance of 6 mats
6 Goblet mobility squats
6 Muscle-up rows in rings

Workout of the Day
3 rounds for time:
400 meter run
30 Wall-balls (30/20)
8 Muscle-ups

Rest 2 minutes in between rounds.

If you can’t do muscle-ups, you will do 12 burpees instead.  This is a sprint style workout, hence the rest.  You should do your best to go through the wall-balls and muscle-ups unbroken.  Scale the wall-balls down if you know 30 will take you a while.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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