Assistant Instructors

CrossFit eXalted is eXcited to announce that we are eXpanding our training staff by three. Current members Daren Dorminy, Aaron Taylor & Dustin Vaughan have agreed to move into assistant instructor roles here at eXalted.

These three assistants will be here to aid your head coaches, Brittani, Will & Ron with maintaining seamless levels of training and accuracy during classes. The primary role of each will be to assist in the setup of workouts. Additionally these instructors will act as a direct conduit from the coaches to the members with regard to instruction. Finally, checking form and technique and offering guidance when and where needed.

Most importantly the role of assistant instructor will allow for head coaches to spend more time with those individuals who may require a higher degree of one-on-one instruction.

Daren Dorminy – has been with eXalted since day one – literally. Daren shares a passion for the sport like many others and has shown an interest in elevating his understanding and knowledge of the training aspect of the sport.

Dustin Vaughan – and his wife Shauna have been members since the very beginning. Dustin has been CrossFitting for a few years now and has taken his CrossFit Level 1 certification course. Dustin, like Daren, shares a desire to grow his training knowledge and work with others.

Aaron Taylor – has been apart of the CrossFit eXalted family since November 2011. Aaron has developed a strong desire to not only compete within the ranks of the CrossFit elite but to work and train with the everyday athlete as well. Aaron has shown a great deal of interest in training others and has recently taken his CrossFit Level 1 certification class in hopes of kick-starting this progression.

It is with great eXcitement that we welcome these three into the ranks.

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