“Crossfit Exalted saved my life!!! I spent the majority of my adult life as a 300 lbs man. Last year, I decided to change my life because I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Crossfit Exalted is the biggest part of my successful path to a longer and healthier life. I am now in the best shape of my life with a current body weight of 200 lbs and my doctor took me off all medications for diabetes and hypertension. Even more amazing is the fact that my physical fitness continues to improve. I could not have done it without the expert training of the Crossfit Exalted coaches, Will, Brittani, Scott and Aaron. The mission of Crossfit Exalted is, “Forging Elite Fitness.” This is not an empty “tag line” because there is no other exercise regimen that can deliver the extraordinary physical results like Crossfit and there is no better place to experience Crossfit in central Florida than at Crossfit Exalted! Whether you are a complete beginner, like me, or a hardcore enthusiast there is no better place for you than Crossfit Exalted because they are lifesavers!!”


“We are a Crossfit eXalted Family. As a wife and Mother in my 40’s, I am thrilled at not only my progress, but that of my husband and daughter(17). This gym is our home away from home, and many members are like a second family to us. Not only are we challenged with each and every work out, but we have made friends who we compete against, we encourage members who may need support, we continue to get stronger, to meet new goals, to do things we never thought possible. All of this because of the incredible programming and coaching at eXalted!! I can tell you from my own experience that CF gyms are very different from one another. Our coaches are elite Crossfit athletes. They are able to specifically modify wods(work out of the day) to individuals at all different fitness levels and abilities. They put your safety first and make sure that proper form is used. They encourage you to go out of your comfort zone, to believe you can. Crossfit has changed my life mentally, and physically. It has changed the dynamic of my family. To put it simply, life is just better with Crossfit eXalted.”

The Kennedy Family

“I have been overweight my entire life. The extra pounds have kept me from experiencing so many things and destroyed all of the little self-esteem I had. Like many others I have tried every “miracle pill” or fad diet out there, and balked at the idea that hard work, healthy diet, and consistent exercise actually worked. I wanted an easier way, and I suffered many more unnecessary years of being overweight, unhappy, and unhealthy. Last year my fear somehow transformed into anger; anger that I let myself go this much, that I was showing my daughter horrible habits to perpetuate, and that I let food and my emotions completely control and hinder my life. January of 2012 I weighed in at 332lbs and was finally ready to do whatever it took to lose weight, be healthier, and get my life back for myself and my daughter. I cleaned up my diet and lost 40lbs by the end of the summer. Seeing my progress my brother, Taylor, insisted that I try some classes at CF eXalted. I watched a couple crossfit videos on youtube and immediately told him that he was crazy, that there was absolutely no way I could ever do the things they do. It took 2 months of coaxing for me to finally face my fears and get to the eXalted box. I still remember my first work out and how absolutely out of shape I was. But I came back the next day, and the next… I think I stayed sore for the whole first month lol Everyone I met was so supportive and uplifting. All the coaches are incredible, each bringing a different perspective and experience. Their utmost concern is safety while helping me reach my goals. After only a couple of months I started noticing a big change, not just in my physical appearance, but also my health and self-esteem. My goal shifted from losing weight to becoming stronger and faster, getting a pull-up and a push-up, and doing wods as Rx. Thanks to crossfit eXalted I have lost a total of 105# and I’m in the best shape of my life! I have also gained confidence and pride that is  immeasurable. No matter what you’re physical shape or athletic level, the coaching team at eXalted can challenge and push you to reach your full potential. I am forever grateful and indebted to the eXalted coaches and family for everything I have learned. This is only the beginning of my journey to health and fitness, and it will continue here at crossfit eXalted.”

“…seriously though my last two weeks with you guys have been awesome and eye opening. Have so much to work on but I’m up for it! Been doing CF for a year at another box and have NEVER felt the way that WOD made me feel. Will and Britt you guys rock! CF eXalted is training on another level!!”


“If you are looking for a gym to raise your athlete to the next level, here is the place.  My 15 year old son plays ice hockey and attends a prep school up North. His dream is to play Div.1 in college.   He knew he had to make the prep team this year, to be seen by college scouts. He made a summer plan and CF Exalted was an integral part of that plan.  He had been working with personal trainers the last 2 years but switched to crossfit in order to add endurance and agility into the workout along with strength training.  All of his fitness testing improved dramatically from last spring. This included tests in strength, speed and endurance.

The atmosphere, the healthy competition and the inspiring staff makes CF Exalted perfect for the serious athlete. Eric said that Weakness Wednesday forced him to work on his weaknesses and achieve success in short term and long term goals. He was so proud the day he did his first muscle up.  Aaron, Will and Brittani encouraged and instructed him on how to achieve his goals.  Eric made the prep team this year!  His coaches up North told him, they could tell how hard he trained this past summer and it helped him make the big step to the prep team when few other sophomores could.  We owe a big thank you to everyone of you!”

“In July of 2013, for the first time in my adult life I started having the time to work on myself.  My wife suggested that we visit the Blackburn’s at CrossFit Exalted. She and I knew Will and Brittani during their college years and we knew they were well educated and passionate about fitness.   We trusted them to guide me through my fitness journey and to make sure that I did not hurt myself during my workouts.  I work out three days a week. Each workout is varied to continually challenge me and to increase my performance.  Will and Brittani and their dedicated coaches keep a close watch to insure proper form. The atmosphere at CrossFit Exalted is positive and friendly. I enjoy the encouragement and friendship of the trainers and other participants. Part of this journey has included a major change in my diet. Now, I eat much healthier, avoiding fat and sugar laden processed foods.  As of today, I have lost over 20 lbs. of excess fat and have gained muscle mass in all the right places.  With my improved strength and stamina I have been able to reduce my medications by 60%. During my last doctor’s visit, my physician was impressed with my overall health and encouraged me to continue.  At 59 years of age, I feel the best I ever have.   And I look forward to maintaining an active lifestyle for many years to come. I strongly recommend CrossFit Exalted to anyone who wants to look and feel their very best.”

Robert and Sally Ann Dehler


“Will and Brittani

Thank you for welcoming me into your CF family. After only 2 visits I decided to sign up last night without hesitation.

You guys have an evident passion for fitness and helping people that only exists in a small percentage of our population. I’m really excited to see where I can take myself with my fitness goals. With the support and guidance that you’ve already shown me, I have no doubt I can exceed those.

Looking forward to becoming a part of your CF family!”


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