Friday – 081514


Cabal doing CrossFit.

Gymnastic Strength EMOM
EMOM for 14 minutes:
Odd minute: 6 Pistols total – do the most challenging variation that you are capable of, whether that is scaling to a bench, weighted or overhead pistols – it’s up to you
Even minute: AMRAP Ring Dips

Workout of the Day
CrossFit Games Open 13.2
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
5 Shoulder-to-overhead (115/75 lbs)
10 Deadlifts (115/75 lbs)
15 Box jumps (24″/20″)

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Thursday – 081414


Jenny with an effortless 93 lb clean in the Oly class. Josh and Big D have those guys looking superb!


  • The September community event is this Sunday!  We are going Paddleboarding on the Wekiva River this Sunday at 9 a.m.!  Will is really looking forward to this one (he needs Wodapalooza redemption).  You must sign up in advance so please CLICK HERE to do so.  We can only take 25 people and as of this post, 8 are registered.  That being said, if you want to come to Wekiva Island to hang out and not necessarily to paddleboard, that would be awesome as well.  We have heard great things about this place.
  • eXalted could use some help!  If anyone is interested or knows anyone who is interested in exchanging a membership for cleaning services, please let us know.  With the expansion and two extra bathrooms, we could definitely use the help.  
  • With school starting, the eXalted Kids schedule is changing a bit.  Class times for eXalted Kids will now be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 p.m.  Brittani and Cheyenne have been doing a great job of putting the kids through the ringer!
  • The eXalted Vitality class is launching soon.  This class is geared for people who might be intimidated by the regular CrossFit classes or people who are older looking just to stay well.  If you are interested, PLEASE contact us via the contact form and let us know.  The ONLY detail we have left to iron out is a time.  When you contact us, please mention what time of day would work for you.  As of right now, we are leaning towards having the class around 10:30 or noon.

3 rounds not for time:
200 meter run
10 Ring push-ups
6 Kettlebell RDL’s
6 Kettlebell goblet mobility squats

Workout of the Day
5 Rounds
In 3 minutes:
Buy-in: 5 Power cleans (225/153)
then AMRAP in remaining time
20 Wall Balls (30/20)
20 Toes to bar
20 Kettlebell swings (70/53)
Rest 1 minute

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Wednesday – 081314


Future CrossFitters keeping an eye on mom.

CTB Progression
2 Rounds
10 Body Rows
10 Push-ups
If you can butterfly CTB,
+ 10 kipping pull-ups and 10 chin-over butterfly.

If you are keeping up with the progression you will do:
7 sets of 8 with :60 seconds rest

If not, build on what you did last week or rest :10 seconds less if you rested :50 or :60. If you didn’t feel strong or comfortable with whatever you did last week, repeat it.

In teams of 2:
50-40-30-20-10 Calories on the Assault Bike

Each partner will do all 5 rounds, it is not partition as needed. One will bike 50 calories while partner rests then the other partner will bike their 50 calories and so on.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Tuesday – 081214



Crossover Symmetry Activation

Workout of the Day
For time or AMRAP in 10 minutes, whichever comes first:
Run 400m
Row 500m
20 Muscle-ups sub 40 ring dips or hand-release pushups
Rest 3 minutes
For time or AMRAP in 10 minutes:
Run 400m
Row 500m
30 Power Snatch (135/93)
Rest 3 minutes
For time or AMRAP in 10 minutes:
Run 400m
Row 500m
40 Bar facing burpees

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Monday – 081114


Competition season is upon us! Here are two great local competitions coming up in the near future.  The Iron Curtain is a classic competition with high skill programming hosted by CrossFit Evolution in Longwood. The 343 Hero Challenge is a big charity event held in memory of those 343 firefighters who gave their lives on September 11th. Both are individual only and the 343 has a Masters division!  Head coach Will is competing at the 343.  Search 343 Hero Challenge on Facebook for more details.  

Clean & Jerk
Find your 1 rep max.

Workout of the Day
For time:
21 Strict handstand push-ups
21 Front squats (135/93)
60 Double-unders
15 Strict handstand push-ups
15 Front squats
60 Double-unders
9 Strict handstand push-ups
9 Front squats
60 Double-unders

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.