Friday – 111017

So glad to have Rick back! And I’m sure Rick has missed the Assault Bikes the most.

3 Rds
10 RDLs
10 pullup retractions
30 sec jump rope

You choose the weight on the RDL’s. Focus on the stretch rather than the weight.

Workout of the Day
5 rounds for time of:
225 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
20 Box jumps, 24 inch box
25 Pull-ups

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Marine Corps Sgt. Michael C. Roy, 25, of North Fort Myers, Fla., assigned to the 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion, Marine Special Operations Advisor Group, Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command at Camp Lejeune, was killed in action on July 8th, 2009 in Nimroz Province, Afghanistan, while supporting combat operations. He is survived by his wife Amy and three children, Michael, Landon and Olivia.

Thursday – 110917

Nadeem, one of coach Big D’s “little nuggets” is getting nice and quick on his power jerks.

5 Rds for QUALITY
15 GHDs
40 unbroken double unders

4 mins plank (accumulated, if planking is not a challenge for you, meaning you can easily do 90 seconds+ unbroken, do this weighted)

If you can’t do DU’s, you will practice them for one minute each round.

Workout of the Day
12 min ladder
1 Overhead squat (95/63)
1 Burpee
2 overhead squats
2 burpees
3 overhead squats
3 burpees. . .

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Wednesday – 110817

Say hello to our newest member, Denzel!

18 min EMOM
1st min- 3 back squat @80%+
2nd min- AMRAP ring dips
3rd min- rest

*Weight/total RD for score
*Scale RD to hand release pushups

Workout of the Day
16 min AMRAP
12 kb snatch (53/35)
12 toes to bar
200m run

*If you don’t have time to run, kb snatch

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Tuesday – 110717

Big thanks to Coach Brad who has been a huge help the past 10 weeks helping us out with coaching duties.

Injury Prevention
5 min roll back (spinal erectors and between scaps)
2 min per side piriformis smash
2 min per side pigeon pose

Workout of the Day
Teams of 2:

(300/250) cals on assault bike
Active recovery: cals row
*M/F teams 275 cals
*Record row cals as “tiebreaker”

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Monday – 110617

Fasha working hard with the 8:30 class. Overhead kettlebell work is a great way to strengthen the shoulder capsule’s ability to stabilize.

Today is a full day so be ready to start class promptly please!  Also I know we are overdue for a community event but I think what we have planned will be worth the wait!  Saturday, December 2nd at 6:15 we are meeting up at Top Golf!  I have been waiting a while for it to open and it is finally here.  For more details, stay tuned to the Facebook event page.  If you aren’t on Facebook, talk to Mike Delbrey, Lauren, or myself.  If you aren’t familiar, Top Golf is basically a state of the art driving range with great bars and restaurants.  Even if you aren’t into golf, it should be a great time.

Push Jerk
Find your 3 rep max.

Even though this says push jerk, you may do whatever jerk you like to get the most weight possible. Whiteboard does not have just “Jerk” as a lift so I had to choose either Push or Split.

Workout of the Day
1000 meter run
Deadlifts (135/93)
Hang power cleans
1000 meter run

This workout is capped at 30 minutes unless you are on the run.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.