Why Choose CrossFit eXalted?

What Sets CrossFit eXalted Apart From Other Gyms?

It is our experience that 3 key components drive an individual’s decision to select one CrossFit box (gym) over another:  1) Facility, 2) Coaching Experience & Education and 3) the Community.  Let’s explore all three.


  • CrossFit eXalted is currently one of the largest and best equipped facilities in the area.  Prior to the inception of CrossFit eXalted in 2011, our coaching staff were fortunate enough to train professional and collegiate athletes.  We were able to experience the equipment, layout and programming of the facilities used to train some of the top athletes.  We have applied this knowledge to build a facility that can train everyday individuals looking to develop their fitness level, elite athletes and everyone in between.  We welcome you to visit our facility and see the difference for yourself.  (we are currently under expansion, effectively doubling our floor space and adding locker rooms).


  • We believe experience and education should be paramount when selecting a fitness facility responsible for your physical well being.  The minimal credential you should look for when researching CrossFit boxes is the CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1).  This credential is based on a single weekend educational program offered by CrossFit.  This credential is required to open a CrossFit box.  While this training is important, we do not believe in providing the minimal requirements.  The coaching staff at CrossFit eXalted have advanced education. Collectively we have multiple coaches with a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion; as well as another coach with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.  We collectively have several CrossFit and USAW certifications in areas like: Olympic Lifting, Kids, Endurance, Mobility.  In addition to the impressive academic pedigrees, our coaching staff gained valuable experience coaching NFL, MLB and collegiate athletes prior to the start of CrossFit eXalted.  In short, our coaching experience and academic backgrounds are second to none.


  • Our goal when opening CrossFit eXalted was to create a fun, supportive community focused on improving their health and fitness.  We could not be happier with the community that has developed over the years.  We have members from a wide range of backgrounds.  In addition to our community outings, the members spend time with each other both in and out of the box.  You will not find a better group of people than the members of CrossFit eXalted.

In summary, if you are looking at CrossFit facilities in the area, you will not find one better than CrossFit eXalted.  We have an excellent facility, a superior coaching staff and a supportive/social community.

Joining CrossFit eXalted is simple.

Click here to contact us to schedule your FREE introductory class

What to expect during your visit:

  • You will meet with one of our coaches to tour our facility
  • We will discuss the methodology of our program to determine if it is appropriate for you
  • If appropriate, we will put you through a baseline workout where we will assess the proper starting point for your training
  • Following your workout you will have an opportunity to ask questions and schedule a follow up class

Our members are our top priority.  During operating hours we focus 100% of our energy on our members.

  • We are unable  allow drop-ins
  • You MUST schedule your introductory workout in advance

Click the link below to schedule your FREE intro class 

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What’s Stopping You From Being Better?

Additional questions? See our FAQ page. Or, click here to return to our Getting Started Page for more information.


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