CrossFit Whiteboard How To

The Whiteboard is an application that was created by three avid crossfitters in Colorado (  They realized there was a need for easier tracking of lifts, WoDs etc.  CrossFit eXalted offers this application as a tracking mechanism for our members.  The Whiteboard is a feature built into the blog. The following will illustrate how you can use this whiteboard feature to track your times, scores and loads for each daily workout.

1) To begin, click the “WHITEBOARD” button located at the top of the WoD post of the day

Here you will see a list of the scores tracked so far for this workout

2) Click the “+” sign located at the top right

Here you will see the information available to be filled out

3) Sign in by using the e-mail account you want associated with your athlete profile. You MUST use this e-mail address each time if you want your scores posted to your profile. In most cases the e-mail address will be remembered if you have cookies enabled on your device. Note that whatever name you place in the “name” field is the name that will be associated with your athlete profile. For example if I type “Ron” in this field, the athlete profile will simply be titled “Ron”. If you want your last name or even a nickname, make sure to use that name the first time you log a score.

4) Click the “Submit” button located at the bottom to submit your scores for the day

You will now see your score has been added to the list

5) You can edit these scores or view your very own athlete profile by clicking on your entry as seen here

6) Your athlete profile will display all workouts submitted to the whiteboard feature. You can search your profile for past scores, loads and times by simply entering your search criteria at the top.

Keep in mind that you may still use the comments section to enter results if you prefer, you do not have to use this however we do recommend it. Many members have asked for a WoD tracker and we have responded by adding this. A mobile application is currently in development as well. This mobile application will have direct integration with this feature and will allow you to simply input your scores on the spot and they will be automatically added to the blog. No timetable on the mobile application as of yet. If you have any issues, please let us know.

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